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Personal Chef in Tuscany!


My passion for cooking was born when I was a child and kept helping my parents pick up fresh produces in our garden.
I spent so much time in the kitchen watching them cook and realized how their different ways of cooking blended despite my mother came from Friuli (north Italy) and my father came from Calabria (south Italy).
I helped both of them so that we created a perfect triumvirate. My cooking passion was growing more and more because of the mixture of these dishes that reminded me the mixture of my origins.

When my studies were over I travelled over the world and worked as a touristic assistant at first and later on as a holiday resort manager. One of my duties was to attend the supervision of the kitchens where I worked: Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Madagascar, Kenya, Austria, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece.
Since I worked in all of these countries I got very interested in their culinary traditions and thanks to my internationality I started to create unique and amazing dishes which I would like to share with my customers.

Just contact Malgeri Group and your Personal Chef will arrive directly at your home. You’ll have a real restaurant in your kitchen, we’ll make your culinary wishes come true and your palate will be satisfied in an unforgettable way. Make your event unique, but at the same time stay comfortably at home! You can choose a theme dinner or enjoy various dishes coming from all over Italy!   

We’ ll turn every wish in reality! Either you’re in Italy or somewhere else in the world, we’ll travel to you so that you can enjoy the comfortableness of your home. We are able to recommend luxurious locations or marvellous farm-houses according to your requests. Our aim is to make unique every event. We organize dinner-services, weddings and cooking lessons.

All of our cooking-courses are carried out with the supervisions of a professional. They last about 4 hours and during this time we’ll teach you the bases of italian cooking. Obviously these are “hands-on” lessons. At the end of the courses you’ll make yourselves comfortable around a nice table and you’ ll eat all the items that you’ ve prepared. Moreover you’ ll receive a personal certificate and recipe books. naFor all those people who are “pasta-lovers”, we run a special cooking-lesson working exclusively on the realization of different kinds of egg pasta including: tagliatelle, ravioli, cannelloni, gnocchi gnudi and their respective sauces. You’ ll be amazed of your ability in making pasta and we promise you a lot of fun!!!!! Note: The dishes in the cooking-courses may be changed according to your needs.

From long time we’ve been offering the best of our typical gastronomy. It’ s an honour for us to be able to serve you dishes from every region of Italy. The menus that you choose will be prepared with guaranteed produces to delight your palates. We’ ll start with dinner preparation and end-up cleaning accurately at the end of work. Malgeri Group for the last decade has been working with a group of experts in culinary art.

Malgeri Group (Cinzia Malgeri) P.IVA 01771050471 - Email:



In the heart of Tuscany, in the main piazza of Gaiole-in-Chianti, you can find the shop and workshop of ceramicist Tania Azzurrini.

Tania Azzurini has worked in the field of ceramics for over 20 years. During these years as a ceramicist she has learnt every secret there is to know about the decoration of majolica.

In 2009 she set up her own business, opening a workshop in the main square of her hometown, Gaiole in Chianti.

The soft lines of her patterns combined with bright colours typical of the area are a trademark of her work which is admired by tourists from all over the world who choose the heart of Chianti as their holiday destination.

The hand-crafted nature of Tania's work allows the client to personalize their orders with inscriptions, dedications or special designs and, of course, her creations can be shipped worldwide.

The shop is in the main square in Gaiole in Chianti.

You can contact me by post, by phone,  or my website.

Via Bettino Ricasoli,64 GAIOLE SI 53013




“PoggioantinorA” is dated 1234 and it is grew in the years with the family Brandani.
The family Brandani moved here in the XIII century like tenant of the friars; in the 1836 the family bought the Antinora lands. The present proprietors, the enologist Luca Brandani and his wife Art Historian Laura Masucci , have a fundamental aim in their life: follow the technical innovations with love for the tradition, for the family and the culture.
In July 2004 Luca and Laura had their first-born Francesco Brandani who, with the next one on arrival, represents the 31th generation of this Family.

POGGIOANTINORA perches on top of a lovely hill (“poggio” in Italian) at 500 meters above the sea level, in the heart of the Chianti Classico district near Radda and Gaiole in Chianti in the province of Siena. The propriety is comprised of 50 hectares of which 25 are devoted to vineyards, 8 to olive groves (1200 trees) and the remainder of the estate is comprised of an ancient wood in the center of which rises the farmhouse.

                            Web Site:

Our experience and availability in teaching our dishes allows us to organize personalized cooking classes.  Lessons will be long about 3 hours, and will be held in the morning until lunch time, so that students will be able to taste their own foods. Every participant will have his work kit and, at the end of the course, he will receive a participation certificate. During the daily course the menu will be prepared also according to the wishes of the participants. Program includes preparation of a appetizer, home-made pasta, a main course and a dessert. Every course will be shared with a selected wine. The price for courses is Euros 85,00 per person, for a maximum of 4 participants. Every lesson will be held in our restaurant placed in Malborhetto restaurant.

Ristorante Malborghetto - Lecchi in Chianti, Gaiole(Siena) - TEL: 0577-746201




Our family was born in the Chianti and has lived here for many generations, our job has always been land cultivation. Until the end of the 60s we worked for other people as sharecroppers, then for ourselves. This kind of work requires much sacrifice, but we are proud of what we do, thanks especially to our love for Nature and to the pleasure we have in being everyday in contact with it. Our small farm is not smart or sophisticated, we are young but we still work as our grand-parents did and lead simple life, believing in its true values, we are therefore happy when people appreciate what we do and our clients continue to visit us, year after year, also coming from foreign countries.  


Dear Friends, if you are looking for hands on Italian cooking lesson with Italian natives in a typical Italian countryside home in Tuscany, Chianti region, or in a family apartment in Florence, if you want to learn Italian language with a professional teacher walking in Renaissance town streets or among country vineyards  if you are traveling solo, if you are traveling with your family and kids if you have a family or friend reunion in Italy, if you are on honeymoon if it's your birthday, your anniversary, wedding, if you have 1 day for a cooking class or wine and food tasting tour or a sumptuous Italian food market tour if you want to dedicate 2 - 3 - 5 days to hands on cooking course or tours maybe you would like to have Italian cooking or Italian language classes living  with an Italian family for a weekend or 1 week it's anyway going to be a great feast with Italian living “la dolce vita”  We are not simply a school, we are an immersion in Italian lifestyle.

Rampini Ceramics (or Ceramiche Rampini in Italian) produces handmade and hand painted pottery in the Italian artisan tradition going back to Renaissance art and craft. Our designers unite the legacy of the Italian tradition with our love in combining and experimenting with more modern colours and designs. Our production is geared towards individual customers and their requests. Giuseppe Rampini was born in Gubbio, a splendid Umbrian town where ceramics have been created since the 15th century. With a passion for artisan work in his heart, Giuseppe moved to Florence where he opened a workshop producing religious mosaics and stained glass for churches the world over. In the early 80’s he left Florence to move to a small village in the heart of Chianti. Here, together with his son, Romano, he opened a small ceramics business.At first, Romano was the sole painter but his sister, Tiziana, and friends Tania and Dolly soon joined him. Today the Rampini family counts three generations all working together.Over the years, these elements have appealed not only to our customers, but also to renowned artists who have shared in this creative experience – Pauline Bewick from Ireland, Gavin Chilcott from New Zealand and Milton Glaser from New York.


Walking tours of Lucca

La Giunchiglia came into being in Lucca in the early 1980s. It was set up by a group of young art history students who simply loved their home town and wanted to devote their future and make a career out of making its history and art better known organizing Walking tours of Lucca.

Lucca was scarcely known on the tourist track at that time and opportunities for having the pleasure of showing it to visitors were few, so many of us were soon forced to turn to other cultural activities and ended up acting as tour guides as a hobby.

In the 1990s the Lucca guides company was acting on a number of different fronts in the desperate hope of surviving. Some of the founder members gave in and left to become teachers. Others, including ourselves, who were more stubborn or maybe more idealistic, decided to continue and keep on investing energy in our original purpose, convinced it would eventually be worth it.

Palazzo Pfanner

We increased our knowledge of Lucca and the surrounding area by going to different courses and finding out more and more about our history, art, archaeology, botany, traditions and the things that are produced here, such as wine and extra virgin olive oil. We tried to focus on everything that would enhance the quality of our tours, and to promote Lucca through the Web.

It took us a while but now, looking back over those years of volunteering, we’re very proud of what we “gave”. It all comes back to us every single time our clients (from all over the world) tell us how charming and unique our town is and how they appreciate our introduction to it, showing them its treasures and telling them its secrets.

A passion that became the best job we could possibly have in our beloved city. We want to share that passion with everyone who comes to visit us in Lucca.     

Borgo a Mozzano: Ponte del Diavolo
Cahedral of S. Martino
Barga: Il Duomo
Guinigi Tower
Barga: Particolare del Duomo
San Michele in Foro


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